Friday, May 29, 2009

New Post, Zero Pictures

Things are going along great in the veggie garden. I've harvested at least half a dozen zucchini and a mind bogglingly huge amount of chard. I harvested the chard all at one time, which is why it was overwhelming. I heard that the bigger the leaves get, the more bitter the taste.

I've never, to my knowledge, ever eaten cooked chard. The tiny leaves come in common salad mixes, and are not objectionable (or noticable, for that matter). Come to find out, chard is really tasty! What a relief.

The cucumber vines were finally long and strong enough to be trained on the tee-pee. That was my big chore this evening. They were actually too long and close to becoming out of control. There was no more garden for them to be in, so I strung some string between the poles and encouraged them to grow that way. We'll see if they take. Confidential to Susie they were too long! Cucumber leaves give you a rash. Start way earlier next time to you don't have to wrestle with their scratchy leaves! Gosh!

The heat and mosquitoes are in force. It's only going to get worse. My latest strategy is to go out in small increments, doing a little at a time so that the bugs don't find me. It's been somewhat successful so far, though I do have a few bites.

My husband caught a juvenile snake the other night. He trotted right inside, wriggling in his fingers, and dangled it in the room where I was peacefully reading a book. We then established a house rule I never thought I'd make: if you catch a snake, do not bring it inside. okplzthx


  1. I'm so jealous of your zucchini. None of my bsbies have made it to full size; all have succumbed to either blossom end rot or incomplete pollination, not sure which. Hey, chard is wonderful sauteed in olive oil with garlic, yum!

  2. What kind of snake was it?

  3. It was an Outside Snake! :o)

    I'm not sure, I didn't really get a good look at it, what with the screaming and all. Probably some kind of garter snake.

  4. Susie, I read your post on Pam's blog about wanting some of the big Petunias. I have a big clump of them and I give many pots away every year. Katina, of Gardening in Austin came out and got a bunch in the spring. You can have sevearl clumps if you want them. Just let me know. Bob